wooden hot tubs for sale

Our outdoor wood fired hot tubs – wooden hot tubs combine the best of these practices into a multi-purpose unit with timeless appeal, perfectly suited for both relaxation and entertainment. We begin production by first molding a fiberglass liner with conical, ergonomic benches for impeccable comfort. Lightweight fiberglass liners for wood fired hot tubs are extremely durable, designed to withstand harsh winds, rain, snow, and scorching sun. Next, wooden hot tubs are equipped with a heating system – either a wood burning heater or an electric heater. Each offers different advantages to meet your personal needs: from internal snorkel heaters, which are valued for minimal heat losses, and powerful external heaters, which allow for more space inside the wooden hot tub, to easy-to-use, hassle-free electric heaters. The wood burning hot tubs or electric hot tubs are then fitted with your chosen outdoor spa equipment, powerful hydromassage or air bubble massage systems and LED lights, for a next-level bathing experience. Wooden paneling of your choice – spruce, larch, thermowood or oak – is mounted around the whole circumference of the wooden hot tub and accompanied by a lightweight, glossy fiberglass lid or a wide wooden sill on top of the fiberglass rim and a hand-crafted wooden lid. The wood fired hot tub is ready for your garden to enjoy!
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For more info on how the wooden hot tubs are constructed, see here.


Versatility is what defines our wooden hot tubs – wood burning hot tubs

Perfect for cooling down in the summer during a heatwave or for warming up during harsh winters, our wooden hot tubswood fired hot tubs provide all-season entertainment. With special additions, such as insulation or additional electric heating, and some extra attention and care, wood burning hot tubs can be used year-round, avoiding the risk of freezing. What is more, wooden hot tubs is an eco-friendly alternative to large swimming pools for cooling down in the summer.  Wood fired hot tubs require much less water (about 1200l for our 1800mm outdoor spa models) than conventional swimming pools, plus maintenance and running costs are significantly lower. The perfect solution for all circumstances!

Read on for more information on our vast selection of garden hot tubs for sale – from small to medium size 2 person wooden hot tubs; 4 person wood burning hot tubs or 6 person wood fired hot tubs to a big outdoor swim spas.

Outdoor whirlpool which perfectly fits to your backyard. It requires minimum space

Small garden wooden hot tubs or electric hot tubs – 2 or 4 person hot tubs

Just for the two of you! A perfect solution for small spaces, the design of our 2 person wooden hot tubs is inspired by traditional ofuros. The oval shape ensures comfort and the closed fiberglass benches save water. The same goes for 6 person wooden hot tubs (1600-1800mm diameter) – another great space-saving solution for couples and families. Choose from a wood fired hot tubs or an electrically heated hot tubs and a plethora of accessories, including but not limited to hydromassage or air bubble massage system, sand filter system, and LED lights.


Medium size wood fired hot tubs – wooden hot tubs – person hot tubs

With a diameter of 1800mm or 2000mm, our fiberglass wood fired hot tubs are the perfect size both for families with children or for groups of friends. Choose the integrated wood burning heater for a more compact version or an external wood burning heater for more space in the hot tub. Available in two heights (850mm or 950mm internal height), plus includes a raised seat for children. The glossy fiberglass outdoor wood burning hot tub can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, such as hydromassage or air bubble massage system, sand filter unit for purifying the water and LED lights for magical ambiance.

Looking for the perfect sunken wood fired hot tub for your deck, patio or terrace? Look no further!

Take your outdoor deck, patio or terrace to another level by installing a sunken wood fired or electric wooden hot tub. The addition of a sunken wooden hot tub to your garden will create the perfect gathering place for family and friends. We spend so much time indoors – take this opportunity to move bonding time and interesting conversations from indoors to the outside so everyone can enjoy some fresh air! Read on to find out which built-in hot tub from our range would suit your garden the best.

Internal vs external wood fired vs electric heater for a sunken hot tub

With so many choices out there, it may seem difficult to decide on which heating systems would suit your sunken hot tub the best. However, each can be easily broken down into pros and cons. The internal wood burning heater has the benefit of having the lowest price out of the three plus it allows for the quickest diffusion and lowest heat losses since it is submerged in water. Internal heater, though, occupies more space in the sunken hot tub, whereas an external wood burning heater does not occupy any space inside, leaving more seating for the bathers. In addition, external heaters can be positioned further away from the sunken hot tub with the addition of a circulation pump, which allows for more design flexibility. Wood burning heaters ensure an authentic experience – the aroma of burning wood, the soothing crackling of the fire. Electric heaters are very convenient and easy to use, no prep time required  – with a push of one button, the water in the sunken hot tub will start warming up and with the integrated thermostat, the desired temperature can be maintained at all times.

Straight vs conical benches in a built-in wood fired hot tubs – electric hot tubs

If you are leaning towards a more minimalist and classic design for your garden, you can go for a built-in wooden hot tub model with straight benches and straight walls. The straight lines and shallower benches allow for more feet space and 950mm internal height ensures that the water level reaches above shoulders – great for taller people. If you would prefer fluid lines over straight and direct, you can choose a built-in hot tub with conical walls. The rounded benches are ergonomic and great for people with back issues.

Endless design options for built-in wood fired hot tub installation

For those with a creative mind and keenness for DIY projects, the built-in wooden hot tub provides unlimited options!

Inground wooden hot tub

A classic approach is to lower a terrace wooden hot tub into the ground. The built-in wooden hot tub, of course, should not be in direct contact with soil, so for this approach, the hole for the hot tub should be either with concrete or brick/tile walls and bottom or lined with plastic. The surrounding area around the sunken hot tub can be covered with tiles, wooden paneling, or simply have grass or flowers planted around it. Since there is no platform to step over or stairs to climb up, this way of integrating a built-in hot tub is more convenient for people who experience walking difficulties.

Hot tubs built into decks, terraces or patios

For those who want to have their hot tub sunken, yet still, a bit raised, the perfect option is to build the hot tub into a deck, terrace or patio. Perhaps you already have a spacious deck, that is not being utilised – the integration of a hot tub could liven up this space and turn it into an entertainment zone in your garden. In comparison to inground hot tubs, if a hot tub is built into a deck or a terrace, it is much easier to figure out ways to hide the spa equipment, as massage pumps, LED light controllers, filters, electric heaters etc., everything can be stashed underneath the deck.

The comparison of 2 person hot tub versus 6 person hot tub versus swim spa

2 person wooden hot tubs

  • Perfect for 2 of you!
  • Garden area required approx. 2,0 m2
  • Water volume approx. 1200 l
  • Electric or wood fired heating options available
  • Complete massage options and LED available
  • Water filtration is recommended
  • Available only with wooden lid

6 person wooden hot tubs

  • Perfect medium size families!
  • Garden area required approx. 3,2 m2
  • Water volume approx. 1600 l
  • Electric or wood fired heating options available
  • Complete massage options and LED available
  • Water filtration is mandatory
  • Available with wooden or fiberglass lid

Swim SPA, more than 6 persons!

  • Perfect for big families or parties
  • Garden area required approx. 8,0 m2
  • Water volume approx. 6000 l
  • Electric or wood fired heating options available
  • Complete massage options and LED available
  • Water filtration is mandatory
  • NA

Outdoor wood fired hot tubs have been soothing tired bodies and restless minds since the beginning of time

From the dawn of civilization, steam baths in various shapes and forms have been soothing sore muscles and relieving stress. Known by many names throughout history, from Ancient Roman thermae and oriental ofuro to modern synonyms outdoor jacuzzi, outdoor spas or simply wood fired hot tubs, contemporary outdoor whirlpools combine the best of ancient practices and modern technologies.

In ancient Roman times, thermae, intricate public spa complexes, were not only helping the people of the great empire with their relaxation or health needs but were viewed as an integral part of their social lives. Wood-fired Roman thermae was the perfect place to engage in fruitful discussions, from foreign politics to local gossip. Not much has changed in that regard! To this day, contemporary garden jacuzzis and wood fired hot tubs, the descendants of thermae, have retained the ancient legacy of creating the perfect atmosphere for deep dives into interesting topics. A wood fired hot tub, placed in one’s back garden, can be the key element for a great party and a hub for thrilling discussions that continue well into the night.

Oriental ofuro baths represent a different, yet just as much integral, part of the outdoor hot tub experience. This variation of hot tubs focuses on solitude and relaxation. Traditionally used as soaking tubs as part of a daily routine, the effect of ofuro baths can be likened to contemporary outdoor hot tubs with wood-burning heaters. Such wooden hot tubs are the perfect remedy after a stressful day, as the warm water helps to unwind, washing the worries of the day away. The routine of filling the barrel hot tub and firing up the wood-burning heater is considered by most to be just as relaxing as the bathing itself. More information about wooden hot tubs once can find here.

*Please note that the following words: jacuzzi, hot tubs, outdoor spas etc.. have been used synonymously to outdoor whirlpools as suggested by oxforddictionaries.com.

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Wood fired hot tubs


Different beautiful designs


With wood or electric heaters


Round or rectangular forms possible


Increase value of the house



  • More time for family and friends
  • Little maintenance required
  • Fast heating time


  • Quite a costly purchase
  • Requires a place in your garden